19 December, 2011

Kitten Smitten

Cat. Mama.  Oh, boy!  Today I brought home the newest addition to Apartment No. 34, Cash, a darling Tuxedo feline.  At just 4 weeks old he was rescued from the motor of a car where he was found wrapped in a blanket and taken to Maxfund No-Kill Animal Shelter.  Now Cash{they called him Motor at the shelter} is exploring his new home; purring on my lap, chasing his toys across the wood floor, and snacking on gluten-free treats. He seems to be adjusting to his new life quite well.  And I absolutely adore the black markings on the back of his long white hind legs.  I think I'm smitten with this kitten! 

Visit the Maxfund Shelter today and let a cat or dog live happily ever after.

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