03 September, 2012

The View

My view facing West from this red Adirondack, with Steamboat Springs in the near distance, is lovely. I could wrap myself in this blanket and mug of hot coffee every morning. This is bliss. And a sweet ending to the month arrives on the very last day as I say hello to my 30th year. Oye. For the past year I've not been age 29, but age almost 30. Unless, of course, someone else takes a guess and then I'm age 24. [Still deciding if that's a compliment? :] And "why aren't you married yet?" is typically the second half of the conversation. Ahem.

My mother celebrated her 30th with the birth of her fourth child. In college I was certain my 30th would see me married with two littles and a very attractive mate a few years older than I. As we know, Plan B is how it happens in real life; Plan A is simply fantasyland. 

And, of course, we all agree age is just a number. But 30? It's 30. And there is a slight twinge of disappointment when nearly daily it's another engagement or baby update or wedding or happy couple posing in front of the sunset, and I'm the owner of a Cooper I call Pippa and a cat named Cash, who is on permanent vacation with his Nana. Cat ownership? Epic fail. My most lovely friend, Sarah, told me last week over Mimosas that Fall is merely the beginning of the year, when the leaves change and the air is still and dark nail polish, tall boots and lazy football Sundays are in high demand. And the excitement for a Fall romance to linger. Couple that with entering a new decade and I am quite certain she is correct and I have a heckuvalot to be thankful for and look forward to and I should be giddy with anticipation after all. 

So I had to share it with her, via a Facebook post, of course! This girl is lovely.

And giddy, perhaps for this stunning watch
and pair of booties to make any girl swoon. 

Appropriate for the Golden Birthday.

And this look to give a go. 

My new business and Blog and goals I will actually set to accomplish [like live with intention, for one] and relish in the unknown and what's just around the corner that only He knows about for certain and be thankful I am just where I am.

Thirty? It's so on.


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  1. Happy 30 to both of us! Love your post and miss you so much. I have lots to tell you, and don't have anyone's phone numbers anymore. I desperately need to find the time to break open my old phone account and pull all the data... please call me! I have news.