04 February, 2010

A hairy tale..

My Yelp! Review of Floyd's Barbershop:

It took 3 days of worrying before I had enough courage to put my hair in the hands of Floyd's...
I read the 2 and 3 star Yelps and ignored the dismal reviews.
A glorified Great Clips, I thought.  You'll cry.  It's your hair!
But it's cheap!  And it's only a trim.  Any "stylist" can surely shorten a few layers, right?
Wrong!  And now my hair is funky.  So I consoled myself with a trip to Target and found the perfect fedora to cover it all up...
And this weekend I'll beeline into a real salon for a go with the pro.
Lesson learned.  Because hair is not just hair, after all...*

Find more of the good, the bad and the ugly at Yelp.com... Member search: Rachel Evans
*My review received a compliment:  "What in the world is a beauty like you doing at Floyd's?"
Yikes!  I'm so ashamed.  Back to Target for a scarf...!

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