12 February, 2010

Oh, Canada!

A lovely Valentine's love letter courtesy of the world's cutest 9 year old... I am such a lucky aunt.

A bit of today's non-diet diet:
Chick-fil-a breakfast sandwich
3 pieces of toast... with butter..
4 Samoa Girl Scout Cookies... my absolute least favorite
4 Milk Chocolate Toffee Hershey's Treasures...  my absolute most favorite...
1 bowl of Rice Krispies

And then I did 70 minutes of cardio and 12 minutes in the tanning bed... And tomorrow, it's protein shakes and another date with gym.  Plus, Vancouver 2010 is 10 days away and I fully expect to come home with a Canadian love interest...

I was hoping to order this fantastic hoody from Roots, a Canadian sportswear store, to wear to The Games.  But since my size is sold out online, it'd have to ship from a BC location.  The reply from customer service:
"I regret to inform you that due to US legislation, we are not able to mail this item across the border to a US address."
Geesh!  And to think of the other wonderful goodies that are smuggled across the border.  

On the top of my dating list: Be pursued.  I am so much more content being a single lady with this little gem.

Interesting Olympic fact: More than 11,000 Olympians, from over 200 countries, competed for the gold in the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Fast forward to Vancouver 2010: just a smidge over 2000 athletes from only 82 countries.  

Team USA!

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  1. love it, lady! love the shopping, the pursuing, the auntie-ness of it all. when you come back, let's have a diet-less diet date