14 February, 2010

Love, actually

I look forward to Valentine's Day, regardless if I've never received roses, chocolate or sappy love poems.  This holiday signals one thing I can be sure of: the Boulder International Film Festival.  Mom was my hot date for the Saturday screening of Mugabe and the White African , a beautiful and eye-opening documentary that tells the story of a white African's struggle to protect white owned farms from Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe's, land seizure program.  The film was raw and real and there wasn't a happy ending, but that's expected when you fight like hell for what you believe in.

If you count Superbowl Sunday, the Kelly's and I have spent 6 holidays together.  On Saturday morning, Lisa and I drove across town to pick up goodies for our Turkish Valentine's Breakfast.  The gal at the checkout said I looked like a Symerian actress named Deema, to which we found no resemblance once we Googled her.  But a compliment non-the-least, I hope.  The menu: sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, yogurt with honey, fresh flatbread, hummus, olives, feta cheese, scrambled eggs, oranges and Dave's hot tea.  I imagine this would be quite a romantic breakfast once I have a plus 1 to prepare it for.  Perhaps next Vday...

The good news is I'm working on that plus 1 right now.  Here's to hoping that Mimosa I drank this morning was worth it...

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