06 September, 2010

Labor of love

What better way to end a holiday weekend then by soaking up the sun and 70 degree temps in our little piece of heaven, aka, Colorado country.  We are so lucky to live here.  Jaime and I set out for a quick 3 mile hike on the Red Rocks Trail and finished the workout with a few sets of tricep dips and pushups on the amphitheater bleachers and a loooong (uphill) walk back to our starting point, thanks to a missed turn and bad planning.  Tomorrow, my quads better be feeling it.  Fish tacos and Arnold Palmer's at Rio del Sol in Evergreen were worth the extra drive for this perfect lunch.  And the many couples enjoying the day together only left us a bit envious we didn't have dates to make ours a foursome (we did however, see two guys in an SUV who probably would've enjoyed our company...).
And now, to really go out with a bang, my resume and business plan are begging to be worked on.  Tomorrow, I have an interview to ace.  Which I'm praying won't be too terrible given my tropical and white sand vacation starts the following morning...!

1 comment:

  1. I like watching concerts at Red Rocks more than running the steps, but sounds like a great day nonetheless!