13 September, 2010

(Still) hanging loose

A (I should preface with silly) text message conversation with my friend, Garrett, following a picture I sent from my beach towel:

G: ...You'll have no problem landing yourself a respectable surfer!
R: In fact, a nice surfer just sat by us...
G: There ya go!  But if he doesn't have a six-pack I wouldn't even waste your time!
R: Doh!  And there's his girlfriend...
G: Haha! Bummer man.  That's why you have to bring the man with you on a trip like that!

I've already mentally planned my Maui honeymoon just in case I happen to score the man.  I won't start packing quite yet...  But I will start working on my six-pack.
Okay, I am totally just kidding...

The perfect post-beach treat: Shave Ice at the Ali'i Marketplace.  I ordered the "Jill": watermelon, coconut, and banana flavorings.  

Although the $3 fish tacos smelled so yummy, we skipped the urge in favor of grilling our own mahi-mahi dinner instead.  Tomorrow, it's ON because fish tacos are MY FAVORITE! 

Of course, I was quick to find this national landmark.  And, of course, I did my due-diligence and supported the cause...

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  1. Target in paradise, nice! I was in Kona about ten years ago. Sometimes I wish I never came back.