05 October, 2010

Something silver

You'd think I'd feel bold and beautiful in my fuchsia skirt.  My black tights worked their magic and I was even more impressed (shocked, really) at how well my hair turned out after I styled it still half-asleep this AM.  But it wasn't until I drove to Boulder that I felt put together and confident, just like a girl should.

It was there I fell in love with my first piece of real jewelry: a custom ring that I designed last week with  local silversmith, Miranda Kyger of Miranda Kyger Jewelry.  A birthday gift from Mom.  Simple, chic; just my style.  A bit silly, but, I felt better after I slid it down my finger.  Pretty, feminine.  Finally.  So I celebrated my new found put-togetherness with an iced latte and slice of gluten-free pumpkin bread (I successfully diverted my eyes from the shoe shop).  Which makes me wonder what will happen when something sparkly slides down that finger...

This is what a Tuesday morning in Boulder looks like.  I think next time I'll plan to stay awhile; hooky Tuesday, perhaps...

Lisa knows I'm dying for my English Bulldog called Queen Elizabeth.  But she said this will have to do until then.  

Rocco has only been on guard for 24 hours so I still catch myself wondering how this animal got into my apartment.  He has a broken leg so clearly he didn't let himself in...

And finally... what Coloradoans in Colts hats look like:

Happy, of course!

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  1. Nice! I hang at Laughing Goat all the time. I live nearby.