06 November, 2010

Baby Mama

My version of the Green Monster, from Healthy Tipping Point, my new favorite blog and a great source of inspiration.
In the blend: 
Fat Free Milk

An odd mix of ingredients, but it was quite delicious!  Hopefully I'll feel okay later...  Her Monster calls for Almond Milk, but I couldn't bring myself to buy a whole carton (I'm still a bit shy around Soy... ). 

And proud mama, Kristin!  Baby Nora was born in September (as I was tanning on the beaches of Hawaii; sweet memories indeed).
Kristin was gorgeous and pregnant when I visited her in DC this summer and now she is a glowing mom.  A natural!  We met for brunch at Lucile's; Baby Nora slept the entire time!  Precious pink booties,  black leggings from Baby Gap, a soft cotton baby sling... I think I want one of my own.  Or maybe not.   Yet.

Which reminds me, what's a girl gotta do (besides dish up Oreo ice cream, endure bites and scratches from the new puppy, and show up makeup-less and pedicure-less) for a boy to make it obvious he might actually like having her around?  Heck, I didn't even mention dinner as not to over extend my stay, and left five hours later with an extra-big appetite...  At least he bid me adieu with a homemade banana-walnut muffin for the drive home.  
Timing.  Maybe.  And the boy can bake.  Nuff said. ;)

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  1. I really like Almond Milk, not to keen on Soy though. We don't buy milk any more except for half and half for coffee. Armin