29 November, 2010


My Cybermonday boot shopping proved to be a bit overwhelming, so I Googled "Reese's Peanut Butter Cups" instead.  A girl does better with chocolate, even if it's only to oooh and awww via the World Wide Web.      

And clearly I do not spend enough time in the chocolate aisle; surely these little gems are in my Target too, right?  Thank goodness the Christmas Season has arrived; chocolate+peanut butter (in any shape and form) are always allowed in my basket in the name of holiday spirit.   

I think the same can be said for boots; tomorrow I will beeline to Nordstrom in the name of tis the season+making up for my Cyber(less)monday where I can try on the real thing and toss in my $100 gift card.  Score!  

Top it off with a bag of Cremes for a killer combination; it's going to be a lovely day.

Oh, and our new office building is open for business tomorrow, and this (hot pink) food truck is coming for lunch.  (Yes, I already know what I'm ordering...)  

PS: AND Lisa's mom thinks this is the week I will meet someone.  I hope I like him as much as the chocolate and boots... ;)

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