11 January, 2011


It's an experiment in fashion to test a true fashionista's gumption: is it possible to wear the same six items of clothing for exactly one month?  Kw and I are about to find out.  No matter the occasion, only the six. So accessories are a must, and workout wear, work uniforms, shoes, and outerwear (aka, jackets) don't count.
I was supposed to begin Monday, but I spent the entire day working at home in a sports bra and leggings my work uniform.  Today I made a more public appearance in the start of the six (cheating? I hope not).  In the mix:

black skirt-1
gray tee-2
black blazer-3
And to accessorize: 
studded black belt, Express circa 2003 (a last minute find to pull it all together)
silver hoops
black patterned tights
gray heels (bad choice)

My fashion spirit was lifted this morning as I left The Yalun.  I felt put together; each piece thoughtfully matched to another.  Hallelujah!  It was an outfit.  

Perhaps a quick look to the London Sixers for a bit of inspiration for tomorrows additions.  And more inspiration from the Nordstrom shoe department for a Nude accessory...

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