27 August, 2011


Three flights and nearly 9,000 miles later we arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, our eyes dreary but wide-opened to the sights awaiting in this African capitol. It's here we begin our week long adventure abroad.  Time says we're 8 hours ahead of where we came from, but we've actually flown back in time to 2003, the current calendar year here.  And our departure on September 3rd is just 9 days short of ringing in the New Year when the locals celebrate the first day of 2004 on September 12th.  Until today I had no idea the Ethiopian Calendar existed.  Yes. The American bubble.

Monday we begin our work in Destiny School, Impact Christian Center, and Netbar Cafe.  

Today we explored:

A pair of Emerald green suede heels, so lovely, albeit a tad too big {because the shopgirl only had one pair and I had to have em..}.

Three Machiato coffees and a short Latte at Kaldi's Coffee.  And at just 7.50 Birr per cup {think 60 cents}, I get a cheap and delicious coffee treat.  After all, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.   Tomorrow perhaps I can order the non-fat version instead...

A near stabbing by an overprotective donkey Shepard as I snapped a photo of his herd. {I escaped. Ego bruised.}

Dinner at Paradise Restaurant.  Most of the team ordered cheeseburgers so I sat with envy over my plate of Springrolls and Vegetable soup.  Next time {go with the flow}.

The cars are swishing through the rain on the main road just outside our window.  A drum and instrumental soundtrack play in the distance.  It must be coming from the hotel restaurant; after all, it is a Saturday night in this banging capitol city.  Tomorrow Ken will lead worship at Impact and I'm excited to gather with more than 1,000 people as we integrate into their culture and share some of ours.  God is good... and bubbles are bursting.


ps: Happy to be back on Le Muse...

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